Accelerating your journey to decarbonization

As the power sector undergoes deep transformation, TOMONITM enables decarbonization and optimizes the new energy mix, making your energy systems smarter, more resilient, and more profitable.

Overcoming key
energy challenges

With the world moving towards a low-carbon economy, power generators must overcome the energy trilemma: providing affordable, reliable, and sustainable energy. Yet, reaching net zero comes with a new set of complex challenges, including:

  • Tightening regulations and compliance
  • Balancing intermittent renewable penetration
  • Integrating advanced battery & storage technologies
  • Accommodating hydrogen
  • Mitigating cybersecurity threats
  • Improving asset level visibility
  • Coping with an aging workforce

Integrating the new energy mix for a profitable and sustainable future

TOMONI is a suite of digital products and services geared towards maximizing assets, optimizing operations, and improving flexibility so energy systems are enabled to successfully integrate the new energy mix for a profitable and sustainable future.

By combining advanced digital control systems, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, TOMONI integrates the entire plant ecosystem to seamlessly interact with the electrical power grid, energy storage, hybrid plants, and renewable generation sources. From remote monitoring and diagnostics to multi-layered cybersecurity and better fuel efficiency, TOMONI guarantees longer reliability, lower emissions, and increased O&M savings to accelerate your path to decarbonization.

Guaranteeing outcomes through proven performance



Increase availability
by 2-4%



Recover lost thermal
by 1%



Improve turn down
capability by 10%

Leveraging digitalization to make your energy system smarter and more efficient

TOMONI® is an integrated suite of digital products and services comprised of six core offerings:
Tomoni Icon_Asset Intelligence

Asset Intelligence

  • Advanced software that collects, analyzes and interprets data from hundreds of power plant sensors
  • Turns data into actionable insight to maximize reliability, lower production costs, and improve O&M decision-making
Tomoni Icon_Controls


  • Systems that automates critical activities and enables new energy mix integration
  • Improves asset visibility, agility and efficiency, while providing framework for predictable lifecycle support by leveling costs and upgrades
Tomon Icon_Applications


  • Cloud and on-site applications divided into 4 categories: enabler platform, O&M optimizations, performance improvement, and flexible operation
  • Increases plant operational flexibility and improves cost and performance

Tomoni Icon_Cyber


  • Comprehensive cybersecurity solution providing multi-layered defense, remote monitoring and diagnostics, and real-time support
  • Simplifies and strengthens cybersecurity and compliance and improves
Tomoni Icon_Sim

Digital Twin

  • Combination of advanced modeling, analytics, and artificial intelligence to create a complete virtual replica of the entire energy system
  • Supports better O&M decisionmaking, increases efficiency, and lowers emissions
Tomoni Icon_Smart Products

Smart Products

  • Systems and components with built-in intelligence, fault tolerance and self-calibration
  • Enables continuous upgrading to ensure optimal performance, while mitigating integration and lifecycle risks

TOMONI SOLUTIONS AGREEMENT – Delivering savings and peace-of-mind with bundled TOMONI products and services

Many power generators are worried that their current systems and assets could become “stranded” in the future as new technologies and regulations emerge. The TOMONI Solutions Agreement (TSA) is a way for power generators to turn change into advantage. A long-term, cost-saving program, TSA is a core set of TOMONI solutions designed to benefit customers now and enable them in the future.

  • Ensures plants stay up-to-date as new digital solutions are needed by providing a framework for predictability.
  • Utilizes a plug-and-play approach to eliminate the risk of total technology replacement.
  • Extends asset lifecycle by ensuring optimal performance and continuous improvements.
  • Reduces O&M costs by maximizing availability, reducing outage duration, and creating greater cost savings.

TOMONI HUB – advanced monitoring and AI to protect and optimize assets for improved performance

To make plants more reliable and profitable, power generators need actionable insights to ensure that multiple new technologies are working together to ensure availability and operability. TOMONI HUB is a remote analytics and performance center located in Orlando, Florida that uses AI to provide real-time, cyber-secure interactive support of plant operation and maintenance decision-making. TOMONI HUB delivers connected software, hardware, and services to provide pre-warning of impending issues or needed corrective action to avoid unit trips or load reductions, eliminate energy efficiency losses, and avoid unnecessary maintenance.

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