Advanced Class Gas Turbines

Natural gas is an important energy source as older, less efficient power plants are retired to reduce our carbon footprint and more renewables come online. To meet demand for gas-fueled power, and supply the world with sustainable, less carbon-intensive energy, the right solutions are needed. Luckily, advanced class gas turbines (ACGTs) such as the JAC are filling this need.

Buy Proof, Not Promises

As the world transitions to clean renewable energy, disruption is not an option. Today’s power producers need reliable gas turbine systems built on years of innovation and backed by proven technology instead of promised performance.

Mitsubishi Power is leading this change in power generation with the M501JAC, an enhanced J-Series air-cooled gas turbine. This solution offers an unmatched combination of improved efficiency, proven reliability and lower-cost electricity that sets a new standard for the industry.

Mitsubishi Power’s JAC Gas Turbines

The JAC incorporates more than 40 years of proven turbine design. It features an enhanced air-cooled combustor and advanced thermal barrier coating on the turbine blades. This gas turbine provides low levels of NOx, CO2, UHC and VOC emissions. Replacing older coal-fired turbine technology with the new JAC can cut CO2 emissions by nearly 70 percent.

With Mitsubishi Power partnership, you can diversify your energy portfolio without sacrificing power reliability — eventually producing electricity with zero carbon dioxide emissions. We provide customers with technology that has been rigorously tested, verified and delivered on time. Our technology goes through a thorough long-term validation process at our T-Point 2 facility in Japan before it goes to market to our customers. And with more than 3.5 million hours of high-hydrogen operating experience, accumulated over 4 decades across 29 facilities, Mitsubishi Power is uniquely positioned to help you adapt your existing power plant systems.

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