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Buy Proof, Not Promises

The transition to clean, renewable energy is accelerating across the globe. For power producers to ensure their customers have stable, reliable and resilient power at all times, they need gas turbine and digital systems that are backed by proof—not promises. 

Mitsubishi Power takes a unique approach to develop and prove advanced gas turbine technology needed for a Change in Power. To ensure not just the reliability and performance of advanced class gas turbines, but also of advanced controls with intelligence, auxiliaries and supporting systems, we built our own ultramodern, grid-connected T-Point 2 facility featuring the JAC gas turbine and TOMONITM intelligent solutions.

Mitsubishi Power’s JAC Gas Turbines

Mitsubishi Power’s gas turbines are designed for maximum efficiency that reduces fuel costs and lowers emissions. These turbine designs undergo long-term operation of at least 8,000 hours of validation at T-Point 2, equivalent to nearly one year of normal operation. Now with the integration of TOMONITM digital solutions, T-Point 2 has added flexibility, reliability, O&M support and performance enhancements that form the building blocks for the smart, autonomous power plant of the future.

TOMONITM Total Plant Intelligent Solutions


Engineering next generation gas turbine technology

Mitsubishi Power’s approach to validate technology is not new. We used it at T-Point, which is T-Point 2’s predecessor, to develop and commercialize the G-Series and the J-Series gas turbines. Now T-Point 2 is accelerating technology development and enabling even more robust validation of the M501JAC (air-cooled J-Series) advanced class gas turbine, which is the largest and most efficient heavy-duty gas turbine on the market.

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Advancing TOMONI digital solutions for the first autonomous power plant

Many elements of the TOMONITM suite of digital solutions are integrated into the T-Point 2 plant, as are many new solutions being developed and validated. This customizable suite includes control upgrades and analytics that provide O&M optimization, performance improvement, flexible operation, and is the reason that T-Point 2 is already the smartest plant n the world.

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