Harnessing Low-Carbon Energy

To power the next generation and combat climate change, one single product or service will not meet all global energy demands. Emerging technologies and solutions, such as storing energy and digitalization, can help address current challenges.

However, as power generators extend the useful life of equipment, using these technologies and solutions alone will not meet the accelerating demand and supply the world with sustainable less-carbon-intensive power. As a leading innovator in power generation, Mitsubishi Power has deep industry expertise and offerings to deliver an integrated energy solution. The current transition from high-carbon energy to lower carbon options is heavily served by natural gas generation. Mitsubishi Power’s gas turbines take this transition one step further by enabling fuel flexibility. Natural gas can be blended with green hydrogen made from renewable energy to further reduce carbon emissions. As hydrogen content is increased, carbon emissions are reduced, up to zero carbon emissions for 100% hydrogen. The next generation of solutions includes these gas turbines that can run on green hydrogen in combination with renewable resources and long- and short-duration energy storage. 

With decades of experience creating and providing solutions for our customers, Mitsubishi Power offers a broad range of solutions to deliver the right option across a full spectrum of cleaner power generation.


Large-scale hydrogen-fueled gas turbine power generation

Hydrogen is the key to unlocking cleaner power. With the world seeking to reduce emissions from traditional power generation, hydrogen’s role as a clean energy source that does not emit carbon dioxide makes it a viable alternative.  And Mitsubishi Power’s large-scale hydrogen-fueled power plants are making carbon-free power generation a reality.


Harnessing the power of the sun

It’s an inexhaustible power source. And it’s emission-free. Solar energy is becoming a more reliable and important source for power generation as renewable project development creates more cost-effective opportunities than ever before.

Oriden, a Mitsubishi Power venture, is a full-service renewable energy and storage developer and leader in sustainable power. Through tackling the toughest challenges and simplifying the process, Oriden delivers flexible, tailored clean energy solutions to a wide range of customer needs.

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SunPedal Ride USA

Raising awareness for renewables.
Shining light on sustainability.

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Future-proofing systems by optimizing and maintaining equipment

Mitsubishi Power service teams do more than offer regular maintenance. They work with customers to tackle some of the toughest problems through innovative solutions to optimize plants and maximize availability. With preventative maintenance and upgrade opportunities, Mitsubishi Power services keep plants operating smoothly, running on-schedule, and future-proofed for continual optimization.

Mitsubishi Power, together with our leading OEM-alternative MD&A, has been providing power generators with full services, parts, repairs, upgrades and optimizations for gas turbines, steam turbines and generators for over three decades. Mitsubishi Power and MD&A deliver solutions for turbines and generators, regardless of the manufacturer.

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The reliability numbers are in

Download The Value of Reliability white paper to see how just a 1% increase in gas turbine reliability can add millions of dollars to your bottom line.