with Emerald storage solutions

Minimum risk, maximum return of BESS deployment

As the demand for renewable energy surges, so too does demand for efficient, secure, and sustainable energy storage. Mitsubishi Power Emerald storage solutions are enabling a better, smarter, and more resilient energy future.

Whether you are a utility, a renewable energy developer, an independent power producer, or a financing partner, Mitsubishi Power is leading the clean energy transition with utility-scale battery energy storage system (BESS) solutions that enable integration of renewable assets, add resiliency to your grid, and and increase operational flexibility. With our legacy of innovation designing lithium-ion batteries, financial stability, and proven engineering, procurement, and construction capabilities, you can trust that Emerald storage solutions offer the highest level of safety, protection, and security for minimum risk and maximum return on investment.

Our global experience

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Flexible battery storage solutions for all types of applications

At Mitsubishi Power, we have decades of global experience engineering, procuring, and constructing turnkey utility-scale, short-duration battery energy storage systems. Whether you are integrating solar into your generation mix or looking to increase grid resiliency, our Emerald storage solutions can meet any demand.

Energy & system management

Grid reliability


Case study: Recharging your clean energy transition with battery energy storage

As intermittent renewable power is added in California, the electrical grid is experiencing congestion, frequency and voltage instability, and reliability issues caused by an aging electric transmission and distribution grid. Supply and demand are out of sync, requiring
curtailment of excess renewable energy

Why you can trust your BESS project with Mitsubishi Power


Protect your system, personnel, and environment, while reducing fire risks with key safety certifications, rigorously tested battery designs, and automated incident responses.


Maximize availability and minimize lost revenue with robust physical and cybersecurity leveraging real-time monitoring, and encrypted communications.


Improve BESS operability, management, and protection with a superior, state-of-the-art, Integrated BESS Plant Controller System that optimizes installation lifecycle.


Simplify your BESS project through the lifecycle with Mitsubishi Power’s Long-Term Service Agreement protection and proven engineering, procurement, and construction capabilities.

Integrated Plant Controller

Protecting and empowering battery storage systems to safely accelerate your decarbonization journey

A key challenge in deploying and scaling BESS to utility-scale applications is having the right battery control system to effectively control, protect, and optimize the lifecycle of the installation.

Our state-of-the-art, Integrated Plant Controller is an Energy Management System (EMS) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system with real-time BESS operation and a monitoring/supervisory control platform that instructs the BESS when to charge or discharge, when to deploy, when to provide frequency control, monitor status, sends alarms and alerts, and enables long-term data storage. Providing the highest level of security certification in the energy storage industry, the Integrated BESS Plant Controller is third-party tested and validated for cybersecurity risks and vulnerabilities for maximum protection and peace-of-mind.

Bringing unparalleled visibility and control
to your storage systems by:

Protecting your assets
with a secured hybrid network architecture, encrypted communications, and built-in redundancy
Managing asset lifecycle
with data-driven maintenance tracking, augmentation planning, and ANSI/ISA 18.2 compliance
Optimal system sizing and performance
with adaptive inverter voltage management, network recovery, and sub-second controls

A one-stop provider for turnkey and tailored solutions

Mitsubishi Power is equipped to provide you a total turnkey or tailored solution based on your project or organization need.

& Expertise

Mitsubishi Power is an experienced total solution provider with proven engineering, procurement, and construction capabilities, including OEM design and supply of lithium-ion batteries, commissioning, construction permitting, interconnection, and energy management system development, and service

Flexible Financing Structures to Support Project Success

With strong financial stability and positioning, Mitsubishi Power offers customers low-cost of capital and competitive financing arrangements, such as deferred payment through construction, extended net payment terms, long-term debt solutions, and project equity, to improve project returns.

Long-term Guarantees & Servicing

Our long-term service program minimizes project risk through performance guarantees for power availability, energy capacity, and round trip efficiency. These guarantees are achieved with the support of our dedicated service team through preventative maintenance and remote monitoring and diagnostics.

Doubling Down on Decarbonization: Recharging California’s Clean Energy Transition with Battery Storage

Learn how Hecate Grid is increasing renewable integration, reliability, and frequency stability with battery energy storage systems from Mitsubishi Power

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