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Meet the plant of the future, purpose-built to ensure the reliability our customers deserve

MHPS takes a unique approach to develop and prove advanced gas turbine technology needed for a Change in Power. To ensure not just the reliability and performance of advanced class gas turbines, but also of advanced controls with intelligence, auxiliaries and supporting systems, we built our own ultramodern, grid-connected T-Point 2 facility.

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A.I. Enabled

A.I. Enabled

MHPS’ gas turbines are designed for maximum efficiency that reduces fuel costs and lowers emissions. These turbine designs undergo long-term operation of at least 8,000 hours of validation at T-Point 2, equivalent to nearly one year of normal operation. Now with the integration of MHPS-TOMONI® digital solutions, T-Point 2 has added flexibility and performance enhancements that create the building blocks for the smart, autonomous power plant of the future.


T-Point 2’s co-location at MHPS’ Takasago Works in Japan, brings research and development, design, manufacturing, and validation in close proximity to enhance MHPS’ speed and efficiency toward technology advancement. Commissioned in March of 2020, this 566 MW facility supplies power to the regional grid.

Engineering next generation gas turbine technology

MHPS’ approach to validate technology is not new. We used it at T-Point, which is T-Point 2’s predecessor, to develop and commercialize the G-Series and the J-Series gas turbines. Now T-Point 2 is accelerating technology development and enabling even more robust validation of the M501JAC (air-cooled J-Series) advanced class gas turbine, which is the largest and most efficient heavy-duty gas turbine on the market.

The JAC gas turbines offer more than 64% efficiency and 614 MW (at 60 Hz) or 818 MW (at 50 Hz) of power in a combined cycle single shaft one-on-one configuration. MHPS set a new standard in technology introductions with the M501JAC, which has an impressive reliability of 99.5%. Long-term validation of the M501JAC and associated technologies is ongoing at T-Point 2.

For peaking applications, the M501JAC is available with key features such as fast start and industry-best ramp rates. These benefits equip energy providers with the solutions they need now and into the future.

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Advancing MHPS-TOMONI® digital solutions for the first autonomous power plant

The MHPS-TOMONI® suite of digital solutions is integrated into the T-Point 2 plant. This customizable suite includes control upgrades and analytics that provide O&M optimization, performance improvement, and flexible operation.

Making power plants smarter, more cognitive, and, ultimately, autonomous will be a big part of meeting market challenges that include retaining expert knowledge, pairing with renewable energy sources, and lowering operating costs. MHPS’ solutions validated at T-Point 2 will help you meet those challenges.

Gas Turbine Rotor Installation

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