What is hydrogen's role within a 100% renewables economy?

As the world seeks to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, hydrogen has two key roles to play: enabling greater use of renewable energy and decarbonizing the global economy, including CO2‐intensive sectors.

For the past two decades in the US, replacement of retiring coal‐fired power generation—alongside an increase in natural gas and renewable power—has been very effective in decarbonizing the power grid. However, in some areas, the retirement of coal has largely run its course. Which is why for the next phase of decarbonization, renewable hydrogen will be playing a larger role.

The potential of renewable hydrogen is inextricably linked with the increasing deployment of renewable resources like wind and solar. As we put more and more renewable capacity on the power grid, there is a larger need for storage to be able to balance supply with demand. Because sometimes we’ll need to store power for a few minutes or few hours, and other times, we’ll need to store power for days, weeks or even seasons.

During high generation periods, the excess electricity created by wind and solar can charge Li‐ion batteries to meet short-term storage needs. Then, to meet longer-term storage needs, it can power electrolysis equipment to produce renewable hydrogen. For these longer term storage needs, the most cost-effective stored power will come from gas turbines fueled by renewable hydrogen, resulting in zero carbon emissions.

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Advanced Clean Energy Storage

The world’s largest renewable energy storage project, called ACES (Advanced Clean Energy Storage) was announced recently and will be located in Delta, Utah. ACES will produce renewable hydrogen from excess renewable energy. The renewable hydrogen produced will be stored in a series of underground salt caverns. Salt dome storage caverns have been used for many years to safely store a variety of hydrocarbon materials. One cavern at the ACES project will store enough renewable hydrogen to provide 150 GWh of clean energy storage. This project will demonstrate technologies essential to a decarbonized future for the power grid.

The World’s Largest Renewable Energy Storage Project

Produce Renewable Hydrogen

ACES will capture excess renewable energy, such as wind and solar, during off-peak hours to inexpensively power electrolyzers that split water molecules and create hydrogen gas.

Store Seasonal Hydrogen

ACES’s Gulf Coast style salt dome will store renewable hydrogen in huge underground caverns to offset the seasonal power shortage. One mile deep and three miles wide, the dome has space for 100 caverns each capable of storing 150 GWh of energy.

Transport Renewable Hydrogen

ACES will serve as a renewable hydrogen gas and storage hub for the Western United States, delivering renewable hydrogen for the power generation, industrial and transportation sectors.

Generate Power from Renewable Hydrogen

The stored renewable hydrogen will cleanly power MHPS gas turbines to offset demand and price imbalances, as well as, produce zero-carbon emission. ACES’s Central Utah location can seamlessly integrate with the western power grid and interstate gas transmission system.

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Download a detailed infographic depicting how ACES will produce renewable hydrogen from excess renewable energy.

Renewable hydrogen’s potential can breathe new life into your existing fleet.

  • Convert existing assets for Hydrogen capability
  • Couple your gas turbines with Hydrogen storage to become a long duration energy storage system
  • Solve for your need to have an affordable, reliable generation asset today and an asset that supports a 100% renewable future

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