Three significant benefits for digital power plants.

MHPS-TOMONI™ provides the flexibility to easily add or modify solutions, giving you a highly cost-effective way to make targeted upgrades to your power plant according to your objectives. Together, the solutions can optimize the O&M and performance of your entire plant while providing additional operational flexibility.

O&M Optimization

We leverage decades of O&M experience to create asset management solutions that directly improve your power plant’s operation and maintenance and increase plant personnel effectiveness and productivity.

4 million+

USD from less unplanned downtime*

Solution Categories:

  • O&M guidance
  • Monitoring and predictive analytics
  • O&M reliability improvement

Performance Improvement

As the industry transitions to increasingly competitive wholesale power markets, improved dispatchability is pivotal to your plant performance. These total plant solutions help increase your output and efficiency, which benefits your business and boosts your profits.

Improved Margins

from added MWH and peak MW*

Solution Categories:

  • Performance diagnosis
  • Thermal performance improvement
  • Power augmentation

Flexible Operation

Our Flexible Operation solutions equip you to nimbly meet the changing demands of the market — such as new grid support requirements and less predictable fuel characteristics — and can also lead to new revenue streams in ancillary service markets.

1 million+

USD per year*

Solution Categories:

  • Operation flexibility
  • Cyclic operation reliability
  • Fuel flexibility
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It’s proven.

MHPS-TOMONI digital solutions are implemented first on pilot plants, with close supervision. For the most complex implementations, our solutions are tested at the MHPS T-Point validation combined-cycle plant in Takasago, Japan. All our solutions are thoroughly evaluated prior to release for general application.

Our solutions have led to significant increases in profitability, which we’ve proven and documented at power plants around the world. You can be confident that the MHPS-TOMONI digital power plant solutions you choose, with the help of our team, will also have a positive impact on your power plant’s competitiveness.

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It’s secure.

This is all done with the utmost attention to cybersecurity. MHPS-TOMONI digital solutions are compliant with the latest North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) requirements, as well as other national regulations and international certifications. Our systems are built with your security in mind.

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It’s paving the path for the autonomous power plant.

Advancements in digital sensing, control and communication, along with advancements in machine learning and AI, are increasingly enabling optimal connections between physical equipment, digital systems and human activities. Supported with human knowledge and intuition, AI will make the autonomous power plant a reality.

Just imagine. Soon you may be able to see your digital power plant direct its own maintenance, adapt its operations to take corrective action, and seize opportunities to create more revenue. With the help of MHPS-TOMONI, it could happen sooner than you think.