Driven by Collaboration

TOMONI, a Japanese word meaning “together with,” reflects the emphasis Mitsubishi Power places on collaborating with customers to solve their unique challenges. We work together with customers, partners and society to deploy solutions that support the decarbonization of energy and deliver reliable power everywhere.

Coping with a Changing Landscape, Together

As the energy market evolves, power generators need greater availability, flexibility and total plant reliability, while meeting changing environmental standards. Whether you’re a GTCC, geothermal or conventional steam power plant, our mission is to equip you with what it takes to meet the changing landscape.

We know that every power plant is different with different goals, so we collaborate with power generators to help them choose the intelligent solutions that support their specific business needs. We use the latest digital technologies to create a wide range of TOMONI solutions that provide asset optimization, analytical and O&M support services, and AI. We work with you to apply the most appropriate combination of these solutions to meet your objectives in the areas of O&M Optimization, Performance Improvement and Flexible Operation. It’s the perfect tool for you to make timely business decisions in today’s competitive market.

Intelligent Solutions Supported by Experts

An essential part of that collaboration involves our team of experts who monitor and optimize power plant assets via our Remote Monitoring Centers and Analytics and Support Centers around the world. Our team is comprised of engineers and data scientists who are reviewing plant and fleet-wide data and providing analytical insights, data-management solutions and remote operation and maintenance support to help power plants achieve their goals. It’s one of the truest ways that tomoni, the philosophy of collaboration, comes to life.

At Mitsubishi Power, we’re dedicated to developing a full range of clean power-generation technologies that open the door to a brighter future for the world. Learn more about our products and teammates around the globe.

Best-in-Class Partnerships Fuel Innovation

TOMONI brings together industry-leading Mitsubishi Power engineers with best-in-class technologies from leading software and platform partners, such as Microsoft’s Azure Cloud, OSISoft’s PI System and others. 

Our focus is on finding innovative ways to help power plant operators run their facilities more efficiently and profitably. To do that, we’re committed to designing, developing and validating revolutionary technologies that will lead the way to the digital power plant of the future. We strengthen these efforts by partnering with the best and brightest in the software and hardware industry to create solutions that solve our customers’ challenges, easily integrate into existing systems and boost their bottom line. Another example of how collaboration can inspire great outcomes.