Leading the Development of the Smarter Power Plant of the Future

Mitsubishi Power is leading the development of the smart power plant of the future by utilizing our proven technological history, validation on our own grid-connected power plant and the cybersecurity of software and platform partners.

It’s smart.

As a technology pioneer, Mitsubishi Power has decades of experience in applying remote monitoring, advanced digital control systems and predictive analytics to provide truly intelligent solutions that support better decision-making. Mitsubishi Power leverages advanced analytics, adaptive control technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning to make power plants smarter — lowering emissions, increasing flexibility and supporting decarbonization by helping the grid deliver more reliable power from renewable energy sources.

Advancements in digital sensing, control and communication, along with advancements in machine learning and AI, are increasingly enabling optimal connections between physical equipment, digital systems and human activities. Supported with human knowledge and intuition, Mitsubishi Power is deploying AI and other advanced analytics to make the smarter, autonomous power plant a reality. You may wonder what the definition of an autonomous power plant is. Contrary to the implication, it is not a plant without people. An autonomous power plant will require less people on-site and will automate routine tasks to free up the on-site personnel to focus on the most important tasks. It will be able to take corrective action automatically on many time-critical processes and define and direct its own maintenance needs using predictive analytics and AI-based planning and scheduling tools. It will also be fully aware of fleet, grid, market and environment status and aware of its capabilities to meet the real-time needs of the grid to take advantage of real-time market opportunities.

It’s proven.

Mitsubishi Power is the only OEM validating new smart products at our own grid-connected, commercially dispatched power plant before we deploy them with a customer. Many elements of the TOMONI suite of intelligent solutions are integrated into the T-Point 2 plant, as are many new solutions being developed and validated. This customizable suite includes control upgrades and analytics that provide O&M optimization, performance improvement, flexible operation, and is the reason that T-Point 2 is already the smartest plant in the world. These technology building blocks are moving us closer to becoming the first autonomous power plant.


It’s secure.

We build on the world-class cybersecurity of our software and platform partners, deploying the latest upgrades of our DIASYS Netmation control system for the highest level of cybersecurity, giving you confidence in your smart power plant.

DIASYS, which stands for Digital Intelligent Automation System, is a distributed control system that is focused on achieving high reliability and flexibility that enables high operational utilization. We have installed this system at more than 2,500 locations in 60 different countries.

The latest version, DIASYS Netmation 4S, which stands for safety, smartness, scalability and stability, is a secure platform with a gateway for data communications and access to TOMONI edge solutions such as the AI-CPFM (combustion dynamics control system), AI Flow Modulation and opens the door for O&M optimization, performance improvement solutions and flexible operation solutions.

DIASYS Netmation 4S as a robust edge control, combined with the cloud-based data visualization and advanced analytics of TOMONI, is a solution that meets the needs of plant operators for remote collaboration. As with our gas turbines and other intelligent solutions, we are implementing DIASYS Netmation 4S at T-Point 2, where it is controlling the entire GTCC plant.

Netmation 4S leverages what we know as a plant manufacturer, what we’ve learned in validation testing at T-Point and what we know from working with customers. The advanced control systems are combined with an excellent human interface and are the data source that allows TOMONI analytics and web applications to access information that can quickly provide guidance on a full range of O&M issues.

A key thing about Netmation 4S is that it is built with security and safety in mind, in compliance with global cybersecurity standards such as NERC-CIP. It was the first monitoring and control system to satisfy stringent hardware and software standards as well as the safety standards of IEC 61508 (2010) for thermal power plants in Japan. These international functional safety standards are a third-party testing and certification that power plants can rely on.

Many of the safety and security features of the latest version of DIASYS Netmation are already being applied in whole or in part to upgrade existing control systems based on joint prioritization to meet customer objectives.