Providing Profound Insights and Measurable Business Improvements

TOMONI provides profound insights that unlock measurable business improvements, including substantial cost savings, environmental benefits and income enhancements.

Documented Power of TOMONI

Power plants all over the world have documented the power of TOMONI, using deep insights to unlock substantial cost savings, environmental benefits and income enhancement from the implementation of intelligent digital solutions. Tomorrow’s smarter power plants will be more intelligent, self-healing and fault tolerant to deliver superior returns to their owners.

TOMONI provides the flexibility to easily add or modify solutions, giving energy producers a highly cost-effective way to make targeted upgrades to power plants to meet digitalization objectives. Together, the digital solutions, using AI and other advanced technologies, can optimize the O&M and performance of your entire plant while providing additional operational flexibility. Asset optimization using TOMONI provides digital control advancements and logic enhancements that allow your power plant to improve performance and be dispatched more flexibly. These upgrades help existing plants compete more successfully with newer plants and enable you to take advantage of new revenue streams, while building new state-of-the-art power plants around the world.

Data Foundation & Enablers

TOMONI intelligent solutions provide a customizable range of platforms and upgrades to provide exactly the right data management and control system capabilities needed to achieve your digitalization objectives. From cybersecurity and digitalization assistance to control system upgrades, enabling platforms and remote monitoring and diagnostics, TOMONI provides the foundation and enablers needed to make your power plant smarter.

O&M Optimization

An essential element of a profitable power plant is its operation and maintenance. Leveraging decades of O&M experience, we’ve created asset management solutions that directly improve your power plant’s operation and maintenance, increasing plant personnel effectiveness and productivity.
We can also analyze your plant’s data in real time from our monitoring and diagnostics centers around the world with the ability to apply lessons learned from millions of actual operating hours from the entire Mitsubishi Power fleet. We provide expert recommendations from this knowledge, which can help you make smarter, more informed decisions. The result is more effective maintenance planning and improved total plant reliability and uptime.
We continue to build our database of learnings and correlation patterns to help customers transform their plants into the digital power plant of the future — a plant that harnesses all its data as well as fleet-wide learning to improve its competitiveness and profitability.
As we advance in the development of the building blocks of the autonomous power plant, we are creating a digital infrastructure that allows for remote operation and maintenance, condition-based maintenance schedules, high-fidelity simulation models and predictive analytics.
Examples: Shenhua Gouhua, Remote Operation and Support – The New Normal?.

Performance Improvement

As the energy industry transitions to increasingly competitive wholesale power markets, improved dispatchability is pivotal to plant performance. These total plant solutions help increase your output and efficiency, which benefits your business and boosts your profits.
Example: Saltend, Ratchaburi, Bandirma

Flexible Operation

Our Flexible Operation solutions equip you to nimbly meet the changing demands of the market — such as new grid support requirements, less predictable fuel characteristics and renewable energy penetration— and can also lead to new revenue streams in ancillary service markets.
Examples: Mystic, Saltend, Ratchaburi, Bandirma, Ramping up to Run with Renewables

The Power of AI

TOMONI enables early and more rapid response to developing issues; increased flexibility and availability; automated optimization of key parameters such as combustion dynamics and part load heat rate; and shifts to condition-based maintenance. Utilizing the power of AI, TOMONI goes beyond what is humanly possible, analyzing all the data collected by today’s power plants to create powerful actionable insights.

Advancements in digital sensing, control and communication, along with advancements in machine learning and AI, are increasingly enabling optimal connections between physical equipment, digital systems and human activities. Supported with human knowledge and intuition, AI will make the autonomous power plant a reality. Soon you may be able to see your digital power plant direct its own maintenance, adapt its operations to take corrective action and seize opportunities to create more revenue. With the help of TOMONI, it could happen sooner than you think.

Increased Remote Support

TOMONI provides the flexibility to increase remote O&M support capabilities, reducing the need for an experienced, fully staffed on-site workforce. Automation and remote access to expert technical support for the entire plant solve issues ranging from the diminishing skilled workforce to the challenge of managing plants during a crisis that may affect the availability of on-site staff. TOMONI intelligent solutions proved beneficial during the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing power plants to focus on limited on-site personnel.