Our Approach

Artificial intelligence fuels autonomous operation.

Collaboration helps build the digital power plant of the future.

Tomoni is the Japanese word for “together with” and reflects the importance of collaboration. At Mitsubishi Power, we bring best-in-class technologies from premier software partners, add the expertise and experience of our industry-leading Mitsubishi Power engineers and scientists, and work with you to provide targeted digital solutions that solve your specific challenges.

We listened and learned that, instead of a costly, time-consuming software overhaul, most plant owners and operators strongly prefer digital solutions that are compatible with their current processes and software systems. That’s why we choose to apply solutions that easily integrate with your existing data management infrastructure, allowing you to quickly and affordably create actionable knowledge from the big data in your power plant.

Smart ways to boost power plant performance.

We use the latest digital technologies to create a wide range of TOMONITM solutions that provide asset optimization, analytical and O&M support services, and AI. We work with you to apply the most appropriate combination of these solutions to meet your objectives in the areas of O&M Optimization, Performance Improvement and Flexible Operation

Technology leads to asset optimization.

New realities in the power industry drive a need for better performance and flexibility to be profitable, while maintaining environmental compliance. Asset optimization using TOMONITM provides digital control advancements and logic enhancements that allow your power plant to improve performance and be dispatched more flexibly. These upgrades help your plant compete more successfully with newer plants and enable you to take advantage of new revenue streams.

Analytics for more productive O&M.

An essential element of a profitable power plant is its operation and maintenance. TOMONITM includes a growing suite of O&M solutions, including KPI visibility, rapid alarm response, anomaly detection, cybersecurity and predictive maintenance planning. We always look for simpler, more actionable ways to visualize, analyze and use the large amount of big data that is available to your plant staff. Our goal is to make your O&M staff more effective by giving them knowledge derived from real-time plant data, so they can be proactive.

We can also analyze your plant’s data in real time from our monitoring and diagnostics centers around the world. TOMONITM unlocks the advantages of automated real-time predictive analytics and power plant performance monitoring. We have the ability to apply lessons learned from millions of actual operating hours from the entire MHPS fleet. We provide expert recommendations from this knowledge, which can help you make smarter, more informed decisions. The result is more effective maintenance planning and improved total plant reliability and uptime.

We continue to build our database of learnings and correlation patterns to help customers transform their plant into the digital power plant of the future — a plant that harnesses all its data as well as fleet-wide learning to improve its competitiveness and profitability.

Artificial intelligence fuels autonomous operation.

As technologies advance, so does TOMONITM. One of those technologies is artificial intelligence (AI) for power plants. We create machine learning and other models to develop AI solutions that will drive power generation forward toward autonomous operation.

With the increasing amount of big data in a power plant, human experts are unable to process everything in real time. That’s where AI comes in. It can analyze data, identify correlations and subtle pattern changes, and present recommendations for operator action. As the digital power plant evolves, it will increasingly be able to take autonomous action to protect itself, optimize performance and emissions, and optimally interact with its environment, the grid and energy markets.

We are currently developing the next-generation power plant at T-Point in Takasago, Japan. Using the most advanced technology, machine learning and artificial intelligence, this facility is intended to be the first autonomous power plant in the world.



O&M optimization. Performance improvement. Flexible operation. That’s what you can expect from the TOMONITM suite of digital solutions. Plus, it’s proven, secure and paving the way to the autonomous power plant of the future.

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