Transforming power plants into big-data powerhouses.

TOMONI: Transforming power plants into big-data powerhouses.

TOMONITM is a customizable suite of user-driven, digital power plant solutions fueled by cutting-edge analytics and a world of experience. It turns a mountain of big data into valuable actionable insights that increase your power plant efficiency and profitability.

Analysis. Collaboration. Optimization.

Today’s energy market is more challenging than ever with increased pressures to control costs and achieve environmental and business goals. Staying competitive requires a whole new, heightened level of power plant digitalization, asset optimization and flexibility.

There are thousands of sensors capturing massive amounts of valuable big data in your power plant every second. The good news is with TOMONITM digital solutions this data can be harnessed and leveraged to provide insights, solve complex problems and maximize overall power plant performance.

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Our Approach

At Mitsubishi Power, we view problem solving as a collaborative process. That philosophy led us to develop TOMONITM, a digital solution suite that is rooted in collaboration with customers who desired more flexibility, better total plant performance and an improved bottom line.

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O&M optimization. Performance improvement. Flexible operation. That's what you can expect from the TOMONITM suite of digital solutions. Plus, it's proven, secure and paving the way to the autonomous power plant of the future.

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About Us

We bring together best-in-class digital partners to create solutions that solve your challenges, easily integrate with your existing systems, and boost your profitability.

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