Today’s energy market is more challenging than ever with increased pressures to control costs and achieve environmental and business goals. Staying competitive requires a whole new, heightened level of power plant digitalization, predictive analytics, asset optimization and flexibility.


Mitsubishi Power is leading the development of the smarter power plant of the future with TOMONITM, a suite of intelligent solutions enabled by decades of O&M and plant knowledge. Our solutions are driven by customer collaboration and use advanced analytics, adaptive control and artificial intelligence (AI) to increase power plant flexibility and availability to deliver powerful financial and environmental advantages.

Driven by Collaboration

TOMONI, a Japanese word meaning “together with” reflects the emphasis we place on collaborating with customers to solve their unique challenges. Every power plant has different goals. This collaboration with power generators allows them to choose the intelligent solutions that support their specific business needs.

In addition, TOMONI brings together industry-leading Mitsubishi Power engineers with best-in-class technologies from leading software and platform partners.


Leading the Development of the Smarter Power Plant of the Future

As a technology pioneer, Mitsubishi Power has decades of experience in applying remote monitoring, advanced digital control systems and predictive analytics to provide truly intelligent solutions that support better decision-making. Validated at our own grid-connected, commercially dispatched power plant – the world’s smartest– and built on the world-class cybersecurity of our software and platform partners, TOMONI intelligent solutions are the building blocks to autonomous operation.

Leveraging advanced analytics, adaptive control technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning, TOMONI currently makes power plants smarter — lowering emissions, increasing flexibility and supporting decarbonization by helping the grid deliver more reliable power from renewable energy sources.

We can also analyze your plant’s data in real time from our monitoring and diagnostics centers around the world. Mitsubishi Power has been steadily expanding the capabilities of its TOMONI HUB Analytics and Performance Centers and has been successfully providing remote monitoring and increasing the use of advanced analytics to make power plants more reliable and profitable.

TOMONI HUB provides connected software and services that monitor and provide early warning of impending issues or needed corrective action to avoid unit trips or load reductions, reduced energy efficiency losses and avoidance of unnecessary maintenance.


Profound Insights and Measurable Business Improvements

Power plants all over the world have documented the power of TOMONI, using deep insights to unlock substantial cost savings, environmental benefits and income enhancement from the implementation of intelligent digital solutions. Utilizing the power of AI, TOMONI goes beyond what is humanly possible, analyzing all the data collected by today’s power plants to create powerful actionable insights and solve industry challenges ranging from the diminishing skilled workforce to the challenge of managing plants during a crisis that may affect the availability of on-site staff. Tomorrow’s smarter power plants will be more intelligent, self-healing and fault tolerant to deliver superior returns to their owners.


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