Data and Artificial Intelligence

Every day, power plants produce a staggering amount of data that seems infinite and overwhelming. But as greater complexity in the power system requires more flexibility and sophisticated technology to keep the grid stable and economical, how do you harness this data’s enormous potential?

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Today’s energy market is more challenging than ever with increased pressures to control costs and achieve environmental and business goals. To keep pace in a smarter energy world while working towards decarbonization, power generation must become intelligent, and technologies like A.I. and machine learning are revolutionizing this next phase of power generation and supply.

Every second, there are thousands of sensors capturing massive amounts of valuable big data in power plants. With Mitsubishi Power’s digital tools and solutions — such as the advanced analytics technology embedded in TOMONITM intelligent solutions — you can harness, analyze and leverage this data to provide actionable knowledge and solve problems.

These technologies have already enabled smarter power plants to optimize many aspects of plant operations by increasing reliability, reducing operations and maintenance (O&M) costs, improving flexibility and increasing efficiency  to support decarbonization and environmental performance goals. As a result, smarter power plants improve the efficiency of power generation and the transmission and distribution of electricity, allowing for a greener, more resilient and reliable grid while accelerating decarbonization.

At Mitsubishi Power, our vision of a fully autonomous and optimized power plant is steadily being realized. With the increased connectivity and intelligence of smart power plants interacting with and supporting the smart grid, our intelligent solutions are already paving the way to power plants monitoring themselves while using historical and real-time performance data to predict component remaining life and perform self-healing functions, all the while supporting the needs of the grid and power markets.. These digital tools will continue to improve plant efficiency and worker safety while reducing costly, unplanned downtime. And through projects like our facility in Japan, T-Point 2 — which is already the world’s smartest power plant, is poised to become the world’s first autonomous plant and is POWER Magazine’s 2020 Plant of the Year — we’re advancing power generation into the future.

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Boosting plant performance with

The power industry is changing. New realities drive a need for better performance and flexibility to be profitable, while improving environmental compliance. To adapt to these changes and remain viable, power plant owners need smarter, more advanced ways to achieve their goals.

And with the TOMONITM suite of intelligent, digital solutions, we’re here to provide revolutionary innovations to make power plants more efficient and more reliable than ever.


Realizing new possibilities with digital tools

As the world transitions from current traditional power generation models to one that embraces emerging distributed, digitally enhanced and decarbonized technologies, the energy system is evolving toward an integrated network that uses a hybrid of both old and new technologies working synergistically to provide power.

With Mitsubishi Power’s digital solutions, you can find your place in this new electricity model through equipment upgrades and process transformations, allowing your power company to be proactive in ways not seen before.

The key to resource adequacy for power systems.

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