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The power sector is experiencing significant and rapid change, driven by forces such as technological innovation, renewable energy evolution, widespread digital adoption, and policy shifts. These forces offer opportunities to resolve the complex challenges the industry faces on the path to a cleaner, more sustainable and more prosperous world.

Trends we’re seeing in the industry are:



Energy is a foundation of human prosperity. Many countries have begun to decarbonize their electric power grids — replacing coal-fired power plants with a combination of natural gas and renewable energy — yet more work remains. Learn how Mitsubishi Power is empowering customers so they can reach their 100% carbon-free power goals.

Decarbonizing Power Solutions

Storing Power Solutions



Today’s energy market is more challenging than ever with increased pressures to control costs and achieve environmental and business goals. Staying competitive requires a whole new heightened level of power plant digitalization, predictive analytics, asset optimization, and flexibility. Learn how Mitsubishi Power provides revolutionary innovations for power generators and their plants.

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Discover how Termocandelaria is meeting the power demands of Colombia


Luis Miguel Fernandez Zaher, CEO of Termocandelaria Power Limited, discusses the Mitsubishi Power partnership that enabled Termocandelaria to meet Colombia’s accelerating demand for energy.

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The Right Partner

Our world faces the dual challenge of providing a consistent and affordable supply of energy, while moving toward a zero-carbon economy. And as needs diversify, regulations increase, and new technologies emerge, identifying the right energy solution is more challenging than ever. Which is why having the right partner by your side is crucial.

As a leading innovator in power generation, Mitsubishi Power is the right partner for end-to-end solutions at utility scale. Drawing on our unique and deep expertise, we pioneer breakthrough technologies — from advanced class gas turbines to A.I. systems for autonomous power plants to renewable energy storage — to meet the increasing demand for cleaner, more efficient, and more economical energy.

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